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Uniting the industry on leadership and responsibility: The Tech revolution is making its way to the horticultural industry.


Bringing new technologies to smallholders

Today’s Vision

Leading by example is  most powerful tool to inspire another

HortiFuture is an initiative of the AGRIFUTURE Conferences, GrowAsia (of World Economic Forum), Horti Asia, Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture Vietnam supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and launch partners.

Preview the Future of:
  • Innovative technologies to catalyse progress to the Strategic Development Goals (SGD)
  • Smart technologies like Sensors, IoT, VR, Blockchain , AR, Smart robotics
  • Scalability and bridging between large growers and smallholders
  • Best practices of companies/ producers that have broken into high value markets
  • Main challenges and opportunities for Vietnam’s horticulture, both for domestic and international markets
Admitted delegates:
  • Horticulture growers / producers (export or domestic)
  • Cooperatives and Farmer organisations focusing on horticulture
  • Representatives of upstream (i.e. seed producers) and downstream (i.e. cold storage, warehousing, processing, retail) industries
  • Intermediary organisations working horticulture producers
  • Representatives of governments

The fruit and vegetables sector is both dynamic and promising. Not only is domestic consumption robust, but exports are growing rapidly. In 2017, fruit and vegetable exports reached a record $3.5 billion for year-on-year growth of 43% and exceeding the export value of some key export products such as rice, oil and gas. However, despite rapid growth and a positive outlook, there are challenges and weakness that need to be overcome for the sector to capitalize on its potential:

  • Lack of export variety diversity: dragon fruit accounts for over 60 per cent of fruit exports
  • Lack of export market diversity: China currently accounts for more than 75% of Vietnam’s fruit and vegetable shipments; much of the trade is done through small shipments across the border, which makes prices and volumes highly variable and unpredictable
  • Improved benchmark quality to enter new markets: Vietnamese producers will need to improve the quality, branding and packaging of its fruit and vegetables to export to more demanding markets such as the United States, Australia, Japan, Singapore, the Republic of Korea and the UAE
  • Need to improve post-harvest handling and capture more value through processing: Only 40-50% of produce is fit for export, meaning growers are unable to capitalize on the remaining produce. Much of the exports are in the form of highly perishable raw product, making it highly seasonal and imposing high logistical costs. A focus on processing to add value and extend exports throughout the whole year, capture more value and create more jobs in agribusiness.
Time  Agenda  Thursday – April 11
11.30 – 12.00

Arrival and Registration 

Delegates register at 5th floor Rex Hotel: Hoa Mai Restaurant

* After 12.30 hours, Registration is moved to the 2nd floor: lobby of the conference room

12.00 – 12.45

Networking Luncheon: Meet the industry

5th floor Rex Hotel: Hoa Mai Restaurant

12.45 – 13.00

Welcome Conference Room

Industry expertise: “Ask Me Anything”

Participants have an opportunity to meet and network with various organizations
Represented at the tables:

2nd floor Rex Hotel

Rijk Zwaan – Priva – Speedy Access – Signify – Fresh Studio – Agriterra, Grow Asia & PSAV- Richel – APSA – Agri Solutions Asia – Bejo Seeds

13.00 – 13.30

Official opening HortiFuture Vietnam

Opening speeches and presentations:

Speaker: Marjolijn Sonnema, Vice-Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Vietnam’s Horticultural Sector: Trends, Outlook and Opportunities

Speaker: The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development of Vietnam

13.30 – 14.30

Innovations in Horticulture

Introducing the innovative and sustainable technologies that will significantly impact the horticulture sector and implications for growers and smallholders.

Moderator: May Chodchoey, Ph.D director from the Asia and Pacific Seed Association, APSA


Game Changing Innovations in Horticultural Technology

Speaker: Meiny Prins Founder and CEO of PRIVA


The Future of Vegetable Value Chain in Viet Nam : Direct Collaboration between Growers and Retailers

Speaker: Jean Marie Rozec, Managing Director at Rijk Zwaan Vietnam


New Technologies Accelerating Vietnam’s Horticultural Sector

Speaker: Mr Menno Keppel, Founder of Agri Solutions Asia


Meeting Future Demand through Sustainable Growing

Speaker: Julien Fitte, Manager Asia-Pacific at Richel Group


Increasing value by Cold Chain

Speaker: Siebe van Wijk – founder of The Fruit Republic

14.30 – 14.50

Panel Discussion: How to Scale New Technologies throughout the Industry?

Panelists: Previous speakers

Moderator: May Chodchoey, Asian Pacific Seed Association, APSA`

Discussion Topics (15 minutes):

●     How to scale the new technologies to more actors in the value chain?

●     What are the pathways to help smallholder farmers adopt the new technologies?

●     What are best practices elsewhere in the region? How can Vietnam learn from these experiences, particularly in sectoral coordination?

Questions and Answers from the audience

14.50 – 15.05

Coffee and Beverage Break 

15 min beverage break at AMA tables
Interviews VIPs and Experts

15.05 – 16.05

Growers’ Best Practices

The presenters will share success stories and best practices of adopting innovation and sustainable practices.

Moderator: Rene Rensen of Fresh Studio Vietnam


VINECO: New Technologies for More Effective Production

Speaker: Mrs. Thao, Production Director at Vineco


UNIFARM: Scaling Your Business

Speaker: Mr. Liem Pham Quoc, CEO of Unifarm


VIET HA: What are the Needs for the Next Chapter?

Speaker: Ms. Quyen, Director of Viet Ha


What Support Does the Horticulture Industry Need?

Speaker: Dr. Nguyen Van Hoa, Director General of SOFRI


Today’s Challenges for Smallholders, How can we scale? 

Speaker: Mr Harm Haverkort, Director Agriterra Vietnam

16.25 – 16.40

Panel Discussion: Best Practices for Higher Yields?

Panelists: Previous speakers. Moderator: Rene van Rensen

Discussion Topics (15 min):

●     How to scale knowledge and future technology?

●     What call to actions are there today for smallholders?

●     How to turn future disruption to international opportunities?

Q&A from the audience

16.40 – 17.10

Breakout: Pathways to Success

Participants will break out into 7 tables to identify the needs and possible mechanisms to address these needs to accelerate the emergence of a high tech, high value horticulture sector.

Each table in moderated to discuss perspective of one of the following actors: (1) central government & provincial/ local government; (2) research institutes; (3) technology providers; (4) producers and growers; (5) farmer organizations/ cooperatives; (6) wholesalers & retailers; (7) consumers (20 minutes)

Each table will summarize their discussions for the delegates (10 minutes; 2 minutes per group)

(Dutch Agricultural mission will be leaving for the next mission activity)

16.50 – 17.00

Closing Remarks

Speaker: Moderator Phuong Thao

17.00 – 18.30 Networking Reception HortiFuture Vietnam
Upon invitation only

Request for admission (only 120 seats)

RVO – GrowAsia – VNU Asia Pacific

Official partners tickets Guest list by partners

Venue Detail:
Rex Hotel Saigon Ho Chi Minh City
141 Nguyen Hue Boulevard, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam