Partnerships for Sustainable Agriculture in Viet Nam (PSAV)

Formed in May 2010, the Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture in Vietnam (PSAV) is a public-private partnership platform that brings together companies, government agencies, civil society organizations, farmer groups and research institutes to link smallholder farmers to the market with the shared goal of increasing farmers profit and productivity while improving the environmental sustainability of their farms.

PSAV’s objectives are:

  • Promoting sustainable agricultural standards, policies and best farming practices in Vietnam
  • Facilitating partnerships between the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development (MARD) and other government agencies, international organizations and civil society organizations (public private partnerships) for sustainable agriculture
  • Contributing to the development of science-based regulations and compliance for sustainable development
  • Disseminating updated and trustworthy information on sustainable development and farming practices

​PSAV comprises over 70 partners from government agencies, provincial authorities, international and domestic companies, research institutes, international organizations and NGOs. PSAV’s Public Private Partnership Task Forces focus on seven crops including coffee, tea, pepper, rice, fisheries, fruits and vegetables, and livestock; and the cross-cutting issue of agrochemicals.

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